When you look into the future, what do you see?

A Happy Toddler who is able to go to preschool in confidence. A Parent who is happy, present and full of energy and actually enjoying their parenting time.

Tell me if this sounds like you?

  • Uncertainty about your child’s readiness.

  • Being slapped in the face with resistance and tantrums.

  • Anxiety about potential setbacks or regression in the progress.

  • Concerned about the mess involved and frequent accidents.

  • Feeling pressure due to comparisons with other children and older siblings.

  • Struggling with nighttime potty training.

  • Fear of handling potty situations in public places.

  • Struggling with effective communication about potty training.

  • Difficulty in maintaining a consistent potty training routine.

  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed during the potty training process.

  • Anxiety about meeting preschool/kindergarten enrollment deadlines.

  • Feeling pressured by the success stories of other parents.

  • Managing conflicting advice and opinions from grandparents.

  • Struggling with patience and maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Fatigue due to nighttime potty training disruptions.

  • Frustration when progress seems slow or non-existent.


There’s a solution that can transform your experience from frustration to success. Introducing the Puzzled Parents Potty Training Protocol – a comprehensive program designed to guide you through every step of the potty training journey with confidence and ease. With our proven strategies and expert guidance, you’ll overcome uncertainty, conquer resistance and tantrums, and say goodbye to anxiety and being overwhelmed. Our protocol is tailored to address all your concerns, from managing nighttime training to handling potty situations in public places. Plus, you’ll gain access to a supportive community of parents just like you, along with personalized support to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals.




  • A smooth and hassle-free potty training experience that fits seamlessly into your hectic life

  • Methods and strategies that are easy to implement and don’t require extensive time or effort

  • To feel confident in your ability to successfully potty train their child and to make the right decisions for your child’s development.

  • Your child to develop independence and self-sufficiency

  • The opportunity to bond with your child during the potty training journey and have the chance to strengthen your relationship while creating lasting memories together.

  • Freedom that comes with having a diaper-free child, no longer need to deal with the hassle and expense of diapers

  • To celebrate your child’s achievements, have a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with successfully potty training

This program is a powerful mix of tangible and practical tools to use in the moments of training, paired with exceptional education on child development, and skills that are most effective with helping toddlers with self-regulation, communication, and coping. Most importantly, this program empowers parents to gain confidence in their parenting abilities, learn appropriate parenting skills and manage their frustration levels to be the best version of themselves!

Fair Warning!!!

I am a coach but I do not play when it comes to getting parents the results they need for success within their family. I have successfully helped hundreds of families over the years and am not afraid to think outside the box to best support each and every family. I have a natural ability to help families succeed with potty training and get it done well in JUST 12 WEEKS!

This 12 – week program is for parents who are ready to jump into the potty train journey and have their child ready to start preschool/kindergarten on time and stop spending money on diapers.

Hey, I’m Joanna.

I am a child and family therapist, expert potty trainer and  momma. I have over 15 years of experience, enriching families’ lives for the better. I have seen first hand the struggles families go through with potty training and never want another family to feel alone in this Journey. Consequently, I developed the gold standard in Potty Training Coaching, so that the process can be individualized for the needs of each and every family. 

I am devoted to guiding parents through one of early childhood’s most demanding yet gratifying milestones. Drawing from my background in art therapy, child development, and behavioral science, I seamlessly blend practical strategies, tangible tools, and a compassionate approach to empower both parents and children on their potty training journey.

Ready to break free from diapers, reclaim your time, and achieve mental freedom? Discover the Puzzled Parents Potty Training Protocol – your pathway to stress-free potty training success!

What’s Included

This is the path we will walk together inside The Puzzled Parents Potty Training Protocol

Module 1: Understanding Readiness

Education on the signs of potty training readiness in children including age range for readiness, recognizing readiness signs, as well as physical and emotional indicators.

Module 2: Preparing the Environment

Guiding parents in setting up a conducive environment for potty training including choosing the right potty, placement of the potty, creating a child-friendly bathroom space.

Module 3: Establishing a Routine

Help parents create a consistent and effective potty training routine, setting regular times for potty breaks, integrating potty time into the daily schedule, patience and consistency.

Module 4: Overcoming Anxiety
and Resistance

Equip parents with strategies to manage both their and their child’s anxieties and resistance including addressing common fears, positive reinforcement, dealing with setbacks, maintaining calm and patience.

Module 5: Communication and Support

Improving communication skills between parents and children regarding potty training. Education on effective and age-appropriate communication, encouraging independence, offering praise and support.

Module 6: Advanced Training
and Troubleshooting

Tackle advanced potty training issues and common challenges including nighttime training, handling accidents, dealing with regression, when to seek additional help.

Module 7: Transitioning to School

Prepare children (and parents) for potty training in the context of preschool/kindergarten including discussing potty training with teachers, routines in school, building independence.

Module 8: Maintaining Progress
and Confidence

Ensure long-term success and confidence in potty training including reinforcing routines, celebrating milestones, periodic check-ins on progress, when to phase out rewards.

There are no coincidences in life and if you are reading this, this is your sign, this is your time! You and your child are ready to start the potty training process!

This Program is for you if:

  • You feel like traditional methods such as Implementing reward systems, such as sticker charts or small treats, did not work in  sufficiently motivating your  child.
  • You feel like a horrible parent and are not sure what steps to take for your family
  • Have found yourself comparing your child’s progress to the progress of other children, causing pressure and anxiety
  • Ignoring or misunderstanding the signs of readiness 
  • Are concerned that your child will not be able to attend school on time

Why I Created this Program

Through my extensive experience as a child and family therapist, I identified a significant gap in services for children and their parents grappling with the challenges of timely potty training before school begins. I recognized potty training is a non-clinical yet deeply stressful, overwhelming, and often embarrassing nature of these struggles. I am fully committed to supporting families in this challenging predicament overcome their fear of accidents and instill complete mastery over toileting routines.

Here’s How It Works

  • 12 weeks of The Puzzled Parent Potty Training Protocol

  • Detailed, Step by step plan that helps parents understand their child’s signs of readiness

  • Access to my “Perfect Potty Training Set Up List” to eliminate any confusion on what you supplies you will need to be successful

  • Access to my “Secret Patient Parent System” to teach parents how to have total control over their emotions during the most difficult of parenting situation

  • Live Weekly group coaching with Joanna

  • FB Community with Support Coaching

  • Monthly “Parenting Littles” Educational class

  • BONUS: Preparing to Potty Train Coloring Book


“I can not thank you enough! You saved my kids. We could not have gotten through this process without you”


“You are not going to believe it. She went into school today confident, not afraid, and came home with ZERO accidents. We couldn’t have done it without your help!”


“You are literally the fairy godmother of potty training. It was Magic.”