Our Mission.

Our mission at Puzzled Parents is to help parents in all phases of parenting, learn about their child’s individual needs, understand ways they can support their child and teach practical tools to help you foster healthy development for your child.

But— Let’s face it, parenting is a 24 hour/ 7 day a week responsibility and the reality is you need this extra support in the middle of the night, or the only time you are during your lunch hour, when your away for a business trip or right before bed when all the kids are finally asleep….

We get it! Parents need access to support at all hours of the day and night! Therefore, we are the perfect learning and support system for you!

We have created a place where you can develop the skills you need as well as a community where you can connect with other parents who are experiencing similar challenges, as well as get guidance and support from an array of experts.

There is no better way to learn then sitting in bed with your PJ’s on, interacting with an online community filled with loving, caring parents who have the same mission!


Do you want to be the best parent you can be?
Do you want your child to function independently as an adult?

So, we sure your wondering what makes us different from all the other professionals out there.

In addition to being accessible 24/7 (including from youth bathtub or school dismissal line), we have years of hands on practical experience working with children and families. Over the years, we have provided a wide range of services including individual and family therapy, parent coaching, advocating support and providing 24-hour phone coaching for crisis situations.

Better yet, if there is a service you think you or your family need to better your quality of life, let us know! Our goal is to help families get what they need in the most practical way possible.