Community Support

Wanna join a community of over 30,000 empowering, uplifting, and positive women who understand you?

Who are on their own journey of unleashing their inner magic, breaking through their limitations, and manifesting their dream lives?

I built an incredible community on Facebook where you can come and build soulful friendships, celebrate your wins, ask for help, or tap into the plethora of livestreams I left for you under the hashtag #CoffeeChat that you can search through the group searchbar.

Please keep in mind it may take up to 24 hours for your request to be approved, as my incredible team makes sure only the highest of vibes get into the group.

This will ensure that you have an amazing time in the group from start to forever.

Ready to join?

*Please note that by joining the The Puzzled Parents group on Facebook, you agree to the Group Rules & Conditions.